RCEM Presentations and Posters

Listed below, in chronological order, are the oral presentations for RCEM 2005. In addition to oral presentations, poster presentations that were submitted by authors are also included. To update your presentation, please email Nils Oberg at noberg@uiuc.edu.

Presentations that are grayed out are ones for which no presentation is available.

Gary Parker's RCEM banquet presentation is also available here.

4 October Tuesday

8:00 Introductory remarks
Session TU-01 (Room A) Moderator: Brad Murray
8:10 H. Yasuda, Y.Watanabe, H. Mitamura, K. Hasegawa & B. Nawarathna Report on Asian tsunami ascending the river, and its associated bank erosion and bridge failure in Sri Lanka
8:30 P. Chagas & R. Souza The presence of a coastal harbor structure in the village of Pecem - Northeast of Brazil - and its influence in the coastal line changes of that region
8:50 F. Cayocca Morphological evolutions of a macrotidal bay under natural conditions and anthropogenic modifications
9:10 I. Todeschini, M. Toffolon & M. Tubino Long term evolution of self-formed estuarine channels
9:30 J.P.M. Syvitski The morphodynamics of deltas and their distributary channels
9:50 (Invited) H. Ikeda Laboratory experiments suitable for improving an eye for seeing landscapes
10:20 Break
Session TU-02 (Room A) Moderator: James Syvitski
10:35 (Invited) C. Paola Response of river systems to tectonic deformation
11:05 T. Muto & J.B. Swenson Controls on alluvial aggradation and degradation during steady fall of relative sea level: flume experiments
11:25 J.B. Swenson & T. Muto Controls on alluvial aggradation and degradation during steady fall of relative sea level: theory
11:45 Y. Akamatsu, G. Parker & T. Muto Effect of the sea level rise on rivers flowing into the ocean: application to the Fly-Strickland river system, Papua New Guinea
12:05 A. D'Alpaos, S. Lanzoni, M. Marani & A. Rinaldo On the morphodynamic evolution of tidal environments
12:25 Lunch
Session TU-P (Room C) Poster Session
R.N. Szupiany, M.L. Amsler & J.J. Fedele Estimation of suspended sand concentrations with an ADP, Colastiné river - Argentina
S. Francalanci & L. Solari A particle tracking technique to study gravitational effects on bedload transport
A.N. Papanicolaou & A.R. Maxwell Methodological considerations for studying self-weight fluidization in a sedimentation column
K. Clancy & K. Prestegaard Quantifying particle organization in boulder bed steams
P. Chatanantavet & G. Parker Modeling the bedrock river evolution of western Kaua'i, Hawai'i, by a physically-based incision model based on abrasion
T. Itoh & S. Egashira Effect of debris flow discharge on equilibrium bed slope
K.B. Strom & A.N. Papanicolaou Toward prediction of the spatial distribution of clusters in a watershed via geomorphic and hydraulic methods
M. Wong & G. Parker Vertical and streamwise dispersion of tracer stones in gravel-bed streams
G. Dam, A.J. Bliek & A.W. Bruens Band width analysis morphological predictions Haringvliet Estuary
C.M. García, C. Manríquez, K. Oberg & M.H. García Density currents in the Chicago River, Illinois
S.E. Coleman, V.I. Nikora, S.R. McLean & E. Schlicke Spatially-averaged turbulent flow over square-rib roughness
J. Zeng, G. Constantinescu & L.Weber Validation of a computational model to predict suspended and bed load sediment transport and equilibrium bed morphology in open channels
Y. Hasegawa & Y. Shimizu Flood simulation for the Appetsu River in Hokkaido, Japan, during Typhoon Etau of 2003
A. Stocchino, A. Siviglia & M. Colombini Flood control of the Vara River (North-western Italy)
A. Lambert, V. Rey, O. Samat & M. Provansal Watertable monitoring on a beach equipped with a dewatering system: relationship between watertable elevation and beach morphology, preliminary results
Y.Watanabe & K. Kuwamura Mode-decrease process of double-row bars
A. Marzadri, G. Vignoli, A. Bellin & M. Tubino Effects of bar topography on hyporheic flow in gravel-bed rivers
H. Wang, F. Huang & X. Shao Evaluating the effectiveness of engineering measures against water level drop downstream of the three Gorges Dam using a 2-D numerical model
S. Kostic & G. Parker Numerical experiments on subaqueous cyclic steps due to turbidity currents
G. Parker Theory for a clinoform of permanent form on a continental margin emplaced by weak, dilute muddy turbidity currents
A. Cantelli, G. Parker, S. Johnson, J.D.L. White & B. Yu Dynamics of sand sedimentation resulting from turbidity currents caused by explosive submarine volcanic eruptions
O. Roche, S. Montserrat, Y. Niño & A. Tamburrino Propagation and final deposition of granular flow: dam-break experiments with water and gas-fluidized grains
A. D'Alpaos, S. Fagherazzi & S. Lanzoni On the cross-sectional evolution of tidal channels
N. Tambroni & G. Seminara The role of the inlets in the morphological degradation of Venice lagoon
J.W. Lauer & G. Parker Response of a simple channel network to post-glacial sea level rise
S. Vinzon, L. Calliari & T. Holland Wave attenuation on muddy bottoms - a multidisciplinary field study offshore Cassino Beach, Southern Brazil
P. F. Rodríguez Espinosa & A. L. Ramírez Torres Multivariate analysis (PCA) applied to coastal sediment (size and mineral composition) studies of Tamaulipas-Veracruz, Mexico: a contribution to understanding the morphodynamics of coastal areas
R. Johnson BiOlogical Nucleation and Geological Kinetics (B.O.N.G.K.) Apparatus for IN SITU Evaluation of Carbonate Precipitation in a Hot Springs
M. Tal Braiding and vegetation dynamics in a laboratory channel
C. Ramonell Influence of the 1982-1983 flood on the floodplain development at a reach of the Paraná River, Argentina
Session TU-03 (Room A) Moderator: Suzanne Hulscher
15:00 (Invited) P. Wiberg Controls on sediment availability on the continental shelf and implications for rates of morphologic evolution.
15:30 V. Garotta, M. Bolla Pittaluga & G. Seminara What controls bar migration in tidal channels?
15:50 M.L. Kirwan & A.B. Murray Response of an ecomorphodynamic model of tidal marshes to varying sea level rise rates
16:10 A. Feola, E. Belluco, A. D'Alpaos, S. Lanzoni, M. Marani & A. Rinaldo Geomorphological properties of a lagoonal system
16:30 M. Toffolon & I. Todeschini Channel competition in tidal flats
16:50 Break
Session TU-04 (Room A) Moderator: Pierre Julien
17:10 A. Bateman, M. Fernández & G. Parker Morphodynamic model to predict temporal evolution of local scour in bridge piers
17:30 R. Akahori & M.W. Schmeeckle Numerical analysis of secondary-flow around a spur dike using a three-dimensional free water surface LES model
17:50 S. Nakanishi, K. Hasegawa & K. Takahashi One-dimensional analysis of bed evolution accompaning bank erosion
18:10 B. Mengoni & E. Mosselman Analysis of river bank erosion processes: Cecina river, Italy

5 October Wednesday

8:00 Informational remarks
Session WE-01 (Room A) Moderator: Ray Kostaschuk
8:05 G.M. Smart A novel gravel entrainment investigation
8:25 S. Francalanci, G. Parker & E. Paris Effects of non-hydrostatic pressure distribution on bedload transport
8:45 Y. Cataño-Lopera & M.H. García Geometric and migrating characteristics of amalgamated bedforms under oscillatory flows
9:05 C. Hauer & H. Habersack The effects of a catastrophic flood event on the morphodynamics of an Austrian river
9:25 Y. Yoshikawa & Y.Watanabe Changes of the material transport depending on the flood scale
9:45 (Invited) Y. Zech, S. Soares-Frazão, B. Spinewine, M. Bellal & C. Savary The morphodynamics of super- and transcritical flow
10:15 Break
Session WE-02 (Room A) Moderator: Ximing Cai
10:35 J.A. Vasquez, R.G. Millar & P.M. Steffler Two-dimensional morphological simulation in transcritical flow
10:55 C.J. Sloff, H.R.A. Jagers, E. Kobayashi & Y. Kitamura Enhanced flushing of sediment deposits in the backwater reach of reservoirs
11:15 T. Shimada, Y.Watanabe & H. Yasuda Fine-grained sand behavior in a dam reservoir at the middle reaches of a river
11:35 J.L. López, Z. Muñoz & M. Falcón Field observation and modeling of mountain stream response to control dams in Venezuela
11:55 K. Ohashi & Y. Fujita Sedimentation in a series of dam reservoirs and their trap efficiency
12:15 Lunch
Session WE-03 (Room A) Moderator: Yarko Nino
13:30 C. Ancey, T. Böhm, P. Frey, M. Jodeau & J.-L. Reboud Saltating or rolling stones?
13:50 S. Egashira & T. Itoh Paradoxical discussions of sediment transport formulas
14:10 P.A. Carling,W. Tych & K. Richardson The hydraulic scaling of step-pool systems
14:30 J.P. Martín-Vide & C. Ferrer-Boix River incision due to gravel mining: a case study
14:50 K. Paik & P. Kumar River networks as emergent characteristics of open dissipative systems
15:10 Break
Session WE-04 (Room A) Moderator: Bruce Rhoads
15:30 X. Shao, H.Wang & H. Hu Predicting threshold for rill erosion on a small hillslope plot
15:50 A. Pornprommin, N. Izumi & T. Tsujimoto Inception of channelization on slopes with arbitrary shapes: erosional and depositional case
16:10 K. Osawa, S. Ikeda & S. Yamaguchi Field observation and WEPP application for sediment yield in an agricultural watershed
16:30 F. Bombardelli & G. Gioja Towards a theoretical model of localized turbulent scouring
16:50 Q. Lu, R.B. Nairn & J. Selegean Numerical modeling of potential erosion of the lower Sheboygan river,Wisconsin during extreme flood flows using CH3D-SED
17:10 Break
17:30 (Invited) J. Best The morphodynamics of river channel confluences: a synthesis and comparison of scales
Session WE-05 (Room 210) Moderator: Jim Best
8:05 K. Kobayashi, K. Hasegawa & K. Moriya Hydraulic properties of a bifurcated channel system with different bed slopes under sub-critical flow
8:25 R.N. Szupiany, M.L. Amsler & J.J. Fedele Secondary flow at a scour hole downstream a bar-confluence (Paraná River, Argentina)
8:45 W. Bertoldi, A. Pasetto, L. Zanoni & M. Tubino Experimental observations on channel bifurcations evolving to an equilibrium state
9:05 S. Miori, R. Repetto & M. Tubino Morphological evolution of bifurcations in gravel-bed rivers with erodible banks
9:25 B.L. Rhoads Scaling of confluence dynamics in river systems: some general considerations
9:55 Invited presentation (Room A)
10:15 Break
Session WE-06 (Room 210) Moderator: Giovanni Seminara
10:35 H.A. Toniolo & P. Kodial Suspended sediment load variation in a sub-arctic watershed in interior Alaska
10:55 J.G. Duan Unsteady flow simulation of alternative bars in a semi-circle bend
11:15 A. Teramoto & T. Tsujimoto Effects of size heterogeneity of bed materials on mechanism to determine bar mode
11:35 R.M.J. Schielen, T. van Leeuwen & P.A. Zegeling Numerical simulation of alternating bars in straight channels
11:55 H. Miwa, A. Daido & T. Katayama Effect of river bed degradation and aggradation on transformation of alternate bar morphology
12:15 Lunch
Session WE-07 (Room 210) Moderator: Gregory Wilkerson
13:30 B. DeTemple & P.R.Wilcock Observations of armor formation in a sediment-recirculating flume
13:50 O. Sarmiento & M. Falcon Fractionally-integrated sediment-transport rate over a non-uniform sediment bed
14:10 P.E. Grams, P.W.Wilcock & S.M.Wiele Entrainment and non-uniform transport of fine-sediment in coarse-bedded rivers
14:30 A.N. Papanicolaou & C. Kramer The role of relative submergence on cluster microtopography and bedload predictions in mountain streams
14:50 J.C. Rowland & W.E. Dietrich The evolution of a tie channel
15:10 Break
Session WE-08 (Room 210) Moderator: Kazuyoshi Hasegawa
15:30 S.-U. Choi, T.B. Kim & K.D. Min 2D finite element modeling of bed elevation change in a curved channel
15:50 L. Solari & G. Seminara On width variations in meandering rivers
16:10 G. Zolezzi, R. Andreatta & M. Tubino Streamline-based parametrization of centrifugally induced secondary flows in natural streams
16:30 S. Lanzoni, B. Federici & G. Seminara On the convective nature of bend instability
17:10 Break
17:30 Invited presentation (Room A)

6 October Thursday

8:00 Informational remarks
Session TH-01 (Room A) Moderator: Yasuyuki Shimizu
8:05 M.J. Franca & U. Lemmin Cross-section periodicity of turbulent gravel-bed river flows
8:25 F. Fornarelli & G. Vittori Direct numerical simulation of an oscillatory boundary layer close to a rough wall
8:45 D. Velasco, A. Bateman & V. DeMedina A new integrated, hydro-mechanical model applied to flexible vegetation in riverbeds
9:05 A. Sukhodolov & T. Sukhodolova Morphodynamics and hydraulics of vegetated river reaches: a case study on the M& uuml;ggelspree in Germany
9:25 K. Nakayama Modeling the effect of stratification on sediment deposition
9:55 (Invited) G. Seminara Morphodynamic influence and related issues
10:15 Break
Session TH-02 (Room A) Moderator: Allen Bateman
10:35 (Invited) P.Y. Julien, R. Rojas, M. Velleux & J.F. England Modeling watershed erosion with CASC2D
11:05 W.E. Dietrich, P.A. Nelson, E. Yager, J.G. Venditti, M.P. Lamb & L. Collins Sediment patches, sediment supply, and channel morphology
11:25 K. Masujin, Y. Shimizu & K. Hoshi Study on flow at a river confluence
11:45 H. Kang & H. Tanaka Influence of cross-shore sediment movement on long-term shoreline change simulation
12:05 N. Izumi, A. Tanikawa & H. Tanaka The formation of beach cusps by waves with their crests parallel to shorelines
12:25 Lunch
Session TH-P (Room C) Poster Session
B. Senjim Changes in river bed morphology and ecology - Tuul River, Mongolia
W. de Jong, M. van Ledden, M.J. Kolkman & J.S. Ribberink Prediction of uncertainties in the morphological behaviour of a graded sediment river
B. Rosier, J.-L. Boillat & A.J. Schleiss Influence of bed morphology on side weir discharge coefficient
A.A. Jiménez, M. Berezowsky & J. Gracia Long-term prediction of the effect of a weir in an alluvial river
M. Sasaki & K. Kiuchi Nature-oriented river improvement at river juncture in river Iwaki, Japan
G.V.Wilkerson, K.C. Trowbridge & S.D. Prager Risk assessment methodology using a regional channel erosion potential model
H. Havinga, H.R.A. Jagers & C.J. Sloff Knowledge requirements for sustainable fairway management
Y. Murakami, S. Yamashita & M. Nakatsugawa Radar rain gauge data-based analysis of causes of slope failure and estimation of sediment yield in the Saru river basin
J.F. Fox, A.N. Papanicolaou & O. Abaci The impact of agricultural erosion processes upon 15N, 13C, and C/N signatures of eroded-soil
S.Wongsa & Y. Shimizu Improvement of catchments scale system model for Ishikari River
D. Tsutsumi, M. Fujita & M. Sulaiman Changes in the void ratio and void structure of riverbed material with particle size distribution
M.A.F. Knaapen, S.J.M.H. Hulscher, M.C.H. Tiessen & J. van den Berg Using a sand wave model for optimal monitoring of a navigation depth
E. Schlicke, S.E. Coleman & V.I. Nikora A PIV investigation into the interaction between wave motion and sediment ripples
K. Uonami, K. Sato, K. Noda, Y. Shimizu, Otsuka & J. Miyake An application of shallow water model with bed variation and bank erosion process to a natural river
F. Bombardelli & G. Gioia Towards a theoretical model of localized turbulent scouring
J.J. Fedele & M.H. García Roughness function for alluvial rivers with dunes
A.J. Paarlberg, C.M. Dohmen-Janssen, A.P.P. Termes & S.J.M.H. Hulscher A parameterization for flow separation in a river dune development model
M. Elhakeem & J. Imran A bedload model for uniform sediment derived from the movement of bedforms
S.F. Leclair & J.Z. Miller Time variation of probability distributions of dune-bed elevation in a large river
Ý. Güneralp & B.L. Rhoads The spatial structure of planform dynamics of meandering rivers
J.D. Abad & M.H. García Hydrodynamics in Kinoshita-generated meandering bends: importance for river-planform evolution
J.A. Vasquez, R.G. Millar & P.M. Steffler Vertically-averaged and moment of momentum model for alluvial bend morphology
M. Catella, E. Paris & L. Solari 1D morphodynamic model for natural rivers
R. Torres Effects of marsh topography on overmarsh currents
P. Passalacqua, F. P-A, E. Foufoula & C. Paola Scale dependence in numerical simulations of landscape evolution
S. Vinzon, B. Le Guennec & M. Strasser Sediment transport issues in Amazon River and Estuary
A. L. Ramírez Torres & P. F. Rodríguez Espinosa Sedimentology of the coast in front of the port of Altamira and the mouth of the Panuco River, on the Gulf of Mexico
B. Rosier, J.-L. Boillat & A.J. Schleiss Influence of bed morphology on side weir discharge coefficient
Session TH-03 (Room A) Moderator: Susan Kieffer
15:00 (Invited) L. Pratson Seascape evolution on continental shelves and slopes
15:30 P. Lancien, F. M& eacute;tivier, E. Lajeunesse & M.C. Cacas Incision dynamics and shear stress measurements in submarine channels experiments
15:50 A. Yi & J. Imran The role of erosion rate formulation on the ignition and subsidence of turbidity current
16:10 H. Naruse & F. Masuda Internal structure of massive division in sediment gravity flow deposits visualized by grain fabric mapping
16:30 D. Mohrig, K.M. Straub, J. Buttles & C. Pirmez Controls on geometry and composition of a levee built by turbidity currents in a straight laboratory channel
16:50 Break
Session TH-04 (Room A) Moderator: Marcelo Garcia
17:10 B. Fouke Yellowstone biocomplexity: microbe-water-mineral dynamics at Mammoth Hot Springs
17:30 S.R. McLean & J.M. Nelson Sediment transport over ripples and dunes
17:50 A. Blom The impact of variability in dune dimensions on sediment sorting and morphodynamics
18:10 C. Narteau, E. Lajeunesse, F. M& eacute;tivier & O. Rozier Modelling of dune patterns by short range interactions

7 October Friday

Session FR-01 (Allerton) Moderator: Giovanna Vittori
9:00 (Invited) A. Falques 2D/3D beach morphology: the role of the wave potential stirring
9:30 S. Yamaguchi & N. Izumi Weakly nonlinear analysis of dunes by the use of a sediment transport formula incorporating the pressure gradient
9:50 S. Serra & C.A. Vionnet Migration of large dunes during extreme flood events of the Paraná River, Argentina
10:10 S.E. Coleman, E. Schlicke & S. Blackbourn Growth of wave-induced ripples
10:30 Coffee
Session FR-02 (Allerton) Moderator: Albert Falques
10:50 (Invited) R. Kostaschuk Sediment transport mechanics and subaqueous dune morphology
11:20 J. van den Berg & R. van Damme Sand wave simulation on large domains
11:40 C.F. van der Mark, A. Blom, S.J.M.H. Hulscher, S.F. Leclair & D. Mohrig On modeling the variability of bedform dimensions
12:00 A.B. Murray, G. Coco, M. Green, T. Hume & R. Thieler Different approaches to modeling inner-shelf 'sorted bedforms'
12:20 Lunch
Session FR-03 (Allerton) Moderator: Patricia Wiberg
13:30 D. Jerolmack, D. Mohrig & B. McElroy A unified description of ripples and dunes in rivers
13:50 G. Besio, P. Blondeaux & G. Vittori Sand bank formation: comparison between 2D and 3D models
14:10 J.M. Nelson, A.R. Burman, Y. Shimizu, S.R. McLean, R.L. Shreve & M. Schmeeckle Computing flow and sediment transport over bedforms
14:30 Closing remarks
15:45 Bus back