Aquifer Pumping Test Application

An aquifer pumping test is conducted to evaluate an aquifer by "stimulating" the aquifer through constant pumping, and observing the aquifer's "response" (drawdown) in observation wells. Aquifer testing is a common tool that hydrologists use to characterize a system of aquifers, aquitards and flow system boundaries.Users can run the application in two ways.

    a) The easiest way is to launch a Java applet and run the test. The Java applet can be run from this link. In this way the users
         will have to input the time vs drawdown data by hand.

    b) The users can download the Java application (nonleakyaquifer.jar available from this link) and run it from their own
         machine. The users will have to have Java Runtime Environment installed in their machine. In Windows machine, the
         executable jar can be run usually by double clicking the downloaded jar file. Otherwise the users will have to open a
         terminal, change current directory to the directory containing the jar file and run the following command
                java -jar nonleakyaquifer.jar

          When the users run this program, they will be able to input the measured data (time vs drawdown) from a disk file. The
          input file has a specific format. There is an Excel macro (AquiferDataInput.xls) which the users can use to input time vs
          drawdown data. This Excel macro will generate the input file in the appropriate format. The Excel macro can be
          downloaded from this link.

A user guide describing how to use the application is available in PDF format.


Developed by A. J. Valocchi (, Munawar Hafiz (

Supported by Provost's Initiative on Teaching Advancement (PITA), University of Illinois Educational Technologies Board, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National Science Foundation

Last Modified:  August 16, 2007