Important Message about Java Security Policies and Problems Running the Applets

Recent changes in Java security policies have required that the applets on this page be signed. The applets will not run from the Chrome browser, so try Firefox or another browser. In order to run the applets now you are required to be running the latest version of Java. If you have ever run the applets before you must clear your applet cache for the applets to work again. The official Java website has instructions on performing these steps on a variety of operating systems at On the final step, it is vital that you select Installed Applications and Applets in addition to Trace and Log Files and Cached Applications and Applets.

Important Update -- Spring 2017 -- Problems running Applets in Firefox

Some users with the latest Firefox v. 52 have had problems running the applets. Try using a ESR version (Extended Support Release) verson of Firefox, or install an older version of Firefox

Important Update -- October 2016 -- More about Java security to allow access

New signed versions of the applets are now activated. You should be able to run the applets using the highest security settings in Java. If you are still having problems, try the following:

You will still get a message about security when you click on an applet. Click the box that you accept the risk, and the applet will run. Please send email to if you encounter problems. We hope to move the applets to a new secure server soon.