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Gary Parker's Morphodynamics Web Page    Last update April 13, 2006 Click hyperlink for my resume.
Morphodynamics:  Morphodynamics is the study of the evolution of landscapes and seascapes in response to the erosion and deposition of sediment.  My interests are in morphodynamics associated with rivers, debris flows and turbidity currents.                  

I am based at the University of Illinois.  My appointment here is in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (75%) and the Department of Geology (25%).  My new e-mail address is .      

The 4th IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics, University of Illinois, was held in the period October 4-7, 2005Click here to order a copy of the proceedings.              

Tableland in Western United States.  Photo taken by author.

Delta of the Selenga River at Lake Baikal, Russia.  Image from NASA MrSID Web Site.

Submarine continental margin off California, USA.  Image courtesy L. Pratson.

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